Dailey's Photography

Photography is capturing priceless moments in time that can never be replaced. Please contact us to capture all those special moments

Pricing and Ordering information

Images are $20.00 each.

Purchasing more than 5 Images? 

The 1st 5 Images are $20.00 each.

Every Image over the 5th image will be $10.00 each

There is a $5.00 processing fee (for all payments) 

$5.00 shipping charge (to ship flash drives)


All images of one horse shown is $250.00 

To Order

Please E-mail or press the contact link above with the class name and Image numbers. 


If the pictures requires a password this was done because the person requesting the pictures to be posted online requested the pictures to be password protected.  If you have requested the pictures to be posted on our site but forgot your password please reach out to us by pressing the contact link.  Thank You